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Hi, I’m Christine!

An Award Winning Spiritual Wellness Events Creator

Christine Higgins is a gifted Spiritual Wellness Mentor and Motivational Speaker. A highly qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner and Kundalini Life force Activator. Christine brings authenticity, humour, compassion and her spiritual gifts to all her training courses and wellness events. With a unique blend of spiritual wisdom and practical insights, she inspires transformation and personal growth. Her commitment to fostering well-being in both personal and professional spheres has made her a trusted guide for those seeking a more balanced and purposeful life.


Best Outdoor Experience 2023!

Spiritual Wellness Christine’s events have brought 1000s of people together, to connect, raise their vibrations, open their hearts and empower them to start living in alignment. Since August 2021 Christine has been organising the Award Winning ‘Best Outdoor Experience 2023’ Full Moon Healing Circle on Killiney Beach each month, raising much needed funds for Suicide or Survive and to collectively raise people’s vibrations and connect to the magic of the Grandmother Moon.

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