About me

Hi, I’m Christine!

Let me guide you on your path to Spiritual Wellness. 

Christine Higgins is a gifted Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Energy Healer who specialises and blends both Kundalini Activation and shamanism into her healings and wellness events. She brings authenticity and humour to Spirituality to help bring a little light into people’s lives. Her passion is to educate people on their energy and to help people create magic and abundance in their lives and to empower them to start living in alignment with the natural energies of Mother Earth, the seasons, the cosmos, and the lunation of the Moon.  



Best Outdoor Experience

Some of her wellness events have brought 1000s of people together, to connect, raise their vibrations, open their hearts and empower them to start living in alignment. Since August 2021 Christine has been organising the Award Winning ‘Best Outdoor Experience 2023’ Full Moon Healing Circle on Killiney Beach each month, raising much needed funds for Suicide or Survive and to collectively raise peoples vibrations and connect to the magic of the Grandmother Moon.

How we can work together


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I send out regular guidance and keep you in the loop with upcoming trainings and special classes. 

I will never share your information. Your details are kept safe.