What is an intuitive Energy healing session?

soul sessions Nov 25, 2023

An Intuitive Energy Healing aims to heal & release blockages from the body, rather than simply restoring the body with healing energy. It has a special focus on emotional healing & release, using advanced forms of Reiki and is 5 times more effective & stays in the body longer to help the body to continue to detox after treatment.  

An Intuitive Energy healing works to:

  • Heal and release emotional, physical and mental blockages (which are usually formed from having repressed or suppressed emotions in the past and present that largely affect our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.)
  • Heal from chronic issues, overwhelming stress and burnout.
  • Clear and cleanse the energy layers of the body and stimulate better energy flow.
  • Heal and seal any energy holes or leaks in the body.
  • Cut emotional cords and energy cords.
  • For if and when a person is heavily energetically influenced by another person or another person’s spirit.
  • Heal the aura (the auric layer of our body).