What is Soul Retrieval?

soul sessions Nov 25, 2023

Soul Retrieval is an advanced Shamanic Healing practice.It can bring deep transformation, as we retrieve soul parts that have been lost because of trauma.We use several terms to describe this beautiful healing technique, such as Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Soul Healing, Soul Recovery, and Soul Loss Retrieval.But, all these terms describe the same healing methodology.

Soul loss

Soul loss happens when we cannot express all parts of ourselves.

When we cannot fully inhabit our lives and the world around us is not safe, our soul might fragment.

Soul loss occurs because of traumatic events in life or even before birth if the family that we are going to be born into is not safe.

A kid who was born into a family with abusive and depressed parents might not be allowed to express her playful and joyful parts.

When there is only darkness around, some soul parts will be fragmented for the human to adapt and survive.

Women who have been raped, often witness the event as if from the corner or the ceiling of the room.

Men who have been on the battlefield report the fights as if from above or below the field.

This is a disassociated view of the traumatic event.

The Fear, the Pain, and the Fight become so great and intolerable that the soul separates from the body.

A part of ourselves leaves because it is too painful to remain.

This is the part that we seek during Shamanic Soul Journeying and Retrieval.

Soul Loss Symptoms

The typical signs of soul loss are the following:

  • You cannot feel embodied and present. It is hard for you to enjoy the precious moments of life.
  • Overthinking and overanalyzing. Worries pop constantly into your head
  • You experience the same negative emotions again and again. It might be fear, sadness, anger, or any other negative emotion that forms a pattern.
  • Constant negative thoughts.
  • You have a feeling that you “do not belong in this world”.
  • You feel that “you are not whole” or that “there is always something missing”.
  • You cannot connect with yourself and others.

Soul Journey

Shamanic Soul Journey is a unique state of consciousness that I enter through breathing exercises.

The journey happens in the client’s timeline of events, to recover the fragmented soul part that has been waiting in grace for years.

The client is relaxed and usually, most people prefer to lay down comfortably.

Then, I start either rattling or drumming and the shamanic journey begins.

After I have collected the fragmented soul part along with some gifts, I return to the client and check how she is feeling.

Soul Part Retrieval

The fragmented soul part and gifts are bundles of lifeforce that now are ready to be integrated into the client’s energy field.

This happens by blowing each aspect in different chakras of the Luminous Energy Field (LEF).

Once I complete this step, I proceed with the Illumination process.

What to expect After a Soul Retrieval?

Soul Retrieval brings a deep sense of wholeness, peace, and serenity.

Usually, it takes a few weeks to fully integrate the new soul parts and gifts.

The toxic emotional patterns, negative thoughts, and old behaviors shift gradually and you start enjoying each moment of life.

Stress, anxiety, and overthinking disappear and you start feeling present.

You feel more vital, and focused and the connection with yourself and others becomes smooth.

Shamanic illumination is the foundation of all Shamanic Energy Healing practices.

How Shamanic illumination works?

The illumination process achieves healing in three different ways:

Shamanic illumination brings profound healing and transformation.

The Shamans erase the imprints of trauma from the energy field so that they stop defining and impacting you.

Every imprint in the energy field is connected to one or more chakras, called the “compromised chakras”.

At the beginning of the illumination process, the shamanic practitioner finds the “compromised chakras”; this will be the gateway to clear the imprints of trauma from the field.



The imprint is the source that contains all the information about a wound or trauma.

This information is released through the linked/compromised chakra into the central nervous system; and creates physical, emotional/mental, psychic, and spiritual disorders.

Steps of the illumination process

The entire illumination process takes about an hour and at a high level involves the following steps:

  • After I have found the compromised chakra, I open it by rotating my hand counterclockwise.
  • Once the chakra is open it stars releasing its toxic energy and sludge.
  • Using my hands, I move this toxic energy outside the chakra. The client may experience a change in body temperature or spontaneous jerking.
  • These are signs that the toxic energy around chakra and imprints is being combusted.
  • Once I detect that my client has reached a state of natural resolution, I perform the illumination.
  • I gather scoops of pure light and bring them down to the client’s open chakra.
  • I repeat this step 3-5 times and then balance the chakra.

After Shamanic illumination

Shamanic Illumination heals physical, emotional/mental, psychic, and spiritual conditions, by overwriting the imprints in the energy field with pure light.

When we erase an imprint from the energy field, negative feelings (such as fear, anger, sadness), limiting beliefs, old patterns, and behaviors, toxic relationships can change rapidly.