Christine is thrilled to offer her expertise in creating transformative and impactful experiences for your organisation.

Having worked in the Corporate world for over 20 years she understands the importance of fostering a healthy and productive working environment. Her corporate events are designed to promote wellness, mindfulness, and personal growth among your team members.

Whether you are looking to organise a team-building retreat, a wellness workshop, or a motivational seminar, Christine has a range of customisable options to meet your specific needs. With her experience as a mentor and facilitator she will guide your team through engaging activities and discussions, helping them develop valuable skills and strategies for personal and professional success.

By choosing Christine for your Corporate Wellness Events, you can expect a seamless and memorable experience for your employees.

Invest in your organisation's success by booking a corporate event with Spiritual Wellness Christine today.

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  • supporting leaders to be at their best so that they lead teams that thrive.

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  • Release the Fear to stand in your Power

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