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In August 2021, Spiritual Wellness Christine started the Full Moon Healing Circle on Killiney Beach. Christine has had a fear of judgment and public speaking since childhood and during one of her meditations, she saw a vision of herself and a crowd of people on a beach meditating and receiving energy healing. She received a message that the people needed to connect, they needed to raise their vibrations in order to help them heal and develop their spirituality. Knowing the need to facilitate this was within her, she fought through her personal blocks as the need to do this event was stronger than the fear! 

She knew this event wasn’t about her, it is about the people who come……

A 100 people showed up for the first Full Moon Healing Circle in August 2021

In October 2021, her good friend Breathewithniall came on board to hold space for the healing breathwork addition and the rest is history, to date herself and Niall have raised €20,000 for Suicide or Survive and plan to keep going with the Full Moon Healing Circle indefinitely, always raising funds for such a needy charity each month.

AWARDED BEST OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE 2023 at the Gym+Coffee MLR Awards in May 2023.

The Full Moon Healing Circle has become very popular with a total of 1800 attendees at the August 2023 event and people have been attending from far and wide, even from Australia! 

The Full Moon Healing Circle is a family event, and everyone is welcome! Just come with an open mind.  

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