Reiki Level 3

My courses are designed to cater for those who want to use Reiki on a personal or professional level.

This is not just a course; each weekend is a Reiki retreat. I have been guided to offer this service as a journey to your heart and a connection to your inner power of Universal healing love.

All certificates are granted in accordance with the Reiki Federation of Ireland's guidelines.

What you'll get:

  • Meditation & Attunement – receive the final two rays of Reiki energy or have a Reiki Boost

  • Initiations:
    • Exercise: Initiation to Level 1 Reiki
    • Exercise: Initiation to Level 2 Reiki
    • Exercise: Initiation to Level 3 Reiki 

  • Practice attuning others starting with Reiki Level 1 and progressing to Reiki Level 3;
  • If you decide to teach others Reiki, you are invited to sit in on a Reiki 1 or 2 weekend with myself as you will gain a deeper understanding of how you would like to teach reiki. 
  • Receive 4th Usui symbol and 4 other reiki symbols.
  • Give and receive a full reiki treatment both days using the 4th Usui symbol
  • Learning and practicing all stage of the initiations to Reiki One, Two & Three

Pre-Requisite is level two, which can be taken with any teacher.

Please read the terms and conditions by clicking on the link below. ⬇️

€365,00 EUR